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credit counseling debt relief Client Testimonials

"thanks for taking the time to explain my options and for showing me there is a way out of my mess"

David A.. Plano, TX
"I though that bankruptcy was my only option, you guys showed me there was a way to make everyone happy, thank you so much for helping my family"
June W..  Rancho Santa Fe, CA
"I cannot thank your organization enough for answering my emails and making sure I have all the facts, this was so much easier than I had imagined"
Raylen Bass..  S, LA
"its as if a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders, I cannot that you enough for saving my financial life, I am now on the program and will be debt free in 2 years, thanks again"
Balinda T..  Indianapolis, IN
"can it be possible, I am actually sleeping at night thanks to your program, the collection agencies no longer bother since you contacted them and we are on track to settling our debts, thank you from the bottom of my heart"
Linda N..  Salt Lake City, UT
"it makes me laugh that I was stressing over the money, but 1 month ago I was pulling my hair out, I only wish I had done this a lot sooner, you guys were great"
Nancy S..  Washington, DC
"well my wife and I still haven't made a decision yet, but I can promise you it won't be bankruptcy, thanks for all your advice and patience"
Seven Parkside..  La Pointe, WI
"we still have a hard time believing our creditors would agree to help us, but its done, debt free in 3 years thanks to your program, yipeeee"
Gloria D.. Cincinnati, OH
"thanks for the quick response to my inquiry, I would recommend your service to anyone and in fact I have already"
Tom F..  Minneapolis, MN
"though my student loan would be the death of me, thanks to your negotiating we both win and I can still have a life, thanks for all your help"
El P..  Johnstown, PA
"just wanted to let your company know that all is well now and that your program has worked wonders for my families future"
Kelly A..  Columbus, OH
"only wish I had done this sooner, everything has worked out well for us, thanks for your help"
Olivia D..  Pawtucket, RI
"I am just so impressed how much better I feel thanks to talking with your representatives, they showed me all the options, we came up with a game plan, and I have already improved my credit score within 7 months, wonderful"
Anna S..  Juno Beach, FL

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